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Video-courses, self-evaluation, networking platform and interviews on

starting a micro-business in Iceland

What is a micro-business?

A micro-business (ísl. örfyrirtæki) is usually a 1 – 3 person organisation or company that fulfills at least two of the following three requirements:

  • Has an annual revenue under 40 millions ISK
  •  Has a balance sheet  (assets, liabilities, and equity) lower than 20 millions ISK
  •  1 – 3 persons employed (or the equivalent in part-time employees)

What you'll discover

  • A video guided roadmap with  accessible information on all aspects of starting a business in Iceland. 

  • Interviews with foreign nationals that have successfully started their business in Iceland.

  • Self-evaluation assignments so you can assess your idea and business plan.

  • Chat-forum, where you can ask questions, receive answers and air your thoughts on being an entrepreneur.
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We are

a group of creative, curious, innovative, business-minded  individuals with experience and education ranging from business administration and graphic design to computer programming and innovation studies.

We have all founded numerous successful firms in Iceland and now we want to 
to do the same.

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